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Offend 'Diversity,' Lose Your Job

The combination of academic social-justice Leftism and Islam is getting nastier by the day:

An Ohio music professor who said Muslim women and girls are safer in the U.S. than in any Middle Eastern country has been forced to retire. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports University of Cincinnati assistant professor Clifford Adams has been placed on administrative [leave] for the remainder of the semester and will retire May 1.

He made the comment online to a Muslim student who had criticized Donald Trump’s presidency and spoke about freedom and diversity. Adams wrote “how dare” she complain.

Adams didn’t respond immediately Friday to a request for comment. He earlier wrote a letter to The Enquirer saying he was “deeply sorry” and was trying to have a “lively, provocative, scholarly argument.” School spokesman Greg Vehr says the university is “committed to excellence and diversity.”


Excellence and diversity… right. Well, that’s certainly a funny way of showing a commitment to the former, at least. But “diversity,” now that’s a different story. Over the past 20 years or so, academic has been overwhelmed by the “diversity” fetish, which posits that a racially diverse student body is a desirable end in itself, rather than the byproduct (or not) of colorblind admissions procedures. The result is that “diversity” has become the single most important goal of the modern American university, with the educational standards and course offerings dumbed down accordingly.

More here from the Cincinnati Enquirer, including a picture of the villain:

A University of Cincinnati professor is no longer teaching after making anti-Islamic comments toward a Muslim student. One of his comments on her assignment read: “Muslim females are safer in America than in any Middle Eastern country. How dare you complain while enjoying our protection!”

The university investigated College-Conservatory of Music Assistant Professor Clifford Adams’ comments after The Enquirer reported them in October. Another UC student had posted a photo of the exchange on Facebook.


“How dare you complain”? Easily, alas. There will be no scholarly arguments here, comrade, and no hurting the feelings of any snowflake student by a mean old member of the patriarchy. And remember — Facebook is watching you.

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