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What Germany Needs Now is More Secret Police

Foolish Angela Merkel, whose soft-headedness might be pitiable were she not so cocksure of her position, is now reaping the rewards of Germany’s “welcoming culture”:

Germany’s domestic security chief warned Sunday that the country’s radical Islamist scene is not only growing, but becoming more decentralised, posing greater challenges to surveillance operations.

In an interview with national news agency DPA, Hans-Georg Maassen also defended security officials under fire after it emerged that Berlin truck attack suspect Anis Amri had slipped through their net, saying they had done everything they could.

Overall, the number of Salafists — or fundamentalist Sunni Muslims — in Germany has risen to more than 9,700, sharply up from 3,800 people in 2011, said Maassen. “It’s of great concern to us that this scene is not only growing, but it is also very diversified. There is not just one, two, three or four people who have a say,” he warned.

“Rather, there are many people who dominate this Salafist scene. And all these people have to be watched.”

Well, turning an entire country into a neighbor-snitching police state is something that, shall we say, both Germany and Mutti Merkel have some experience with. But is this what American soldiers sacrificed their lives for as they salvaged the nation from Hitler and the National Socialists and helped establish the Bundesrepublik Deutscheland?

In a defence of security officials under pressure for failing to stop Amri, Maassen said that although officers had watched the Tunisian over a long period of time, they found no evidence to arrest him. “I believe that the security forces, in particular the police, have done everything in their power to assess the danger posed by Amri. But it is also clear that we live under the rule of law, and the legal framework must be respected,” he said.

The “legal framework” applies to real Germans, not the horde of Islamic “refugees” who have flooded into the country seeking women, welfare and the opportunity to conquer the old Holy Roman Empire in the name of Allah. So if your legal framework can prevent that, great. Otherwise, it might be time for more drastic action:

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel thinks the country needs to adopt a tougher approach to Islamism by banning Salafist mosques and expelling extremist preachers. The Salafist movement in Germany nearly doubled from 3,800 members in 2011 to 7,500 in 2015, according to government estimates. After a series of terror attacks in 2016, Gabriel says he has “zero tolerance” for Islamism.

“Salafist mosques must be banned, communities dissolved, and the preachers should be expelled as soon as possible,” Gabriel, who is the leader of the Social Democrats, said in a Friday interview with magazine Der Spiegel. “Those who encourage for violence do not enjoy the protection of religious freedom.”

Gabriel said a “cultural fight” is needed to make sure entire communities don’t become “degenerate.” “If we are serious about the fight against Islamism and terrorism, then it must also be a cultural fight,” Gabriel said.

German culture, even after Nazism, remains one of the world glories; Arab-Islamic culture is not, bringing death and destruction in its wake wherever it goes. And if you doubt that, just ask the Persians and the Hindus what happened to their cultures after the Arab invasion, not to mention those areas of Europe that fell under the Muslim yoke. Which is why today Hungary has a wall.

Goethe and Beethoven are more than a match for Muhammad, if only the Germans would call them back into service.


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