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Just in Time for Halloween: Ghost Ships on the Great Lakes

Ship ahoy! Or something ahoy… or something wicked this way comes:

Eye witnesses and theories from the internet range from the divine to the supernatural to the mundane. Is it Jesus walking on water, an oil rig … or perhaps a ghost ship? With the Great Lakes’ history of shipwrecks the idea of a paranormal visitor can catch on quickly.

On a fall color tour in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Saturday, Jason Asselin and his friends were watching a rainbow when another sight caught their eye.

Check it out.


I dunno; could be anything. Or nothing. But the notion of ghost ships plying the waters of the Great Lakes is far from unusual; the watery regions around the state of Michigan are replete with them:

There are dozens of tales of ghost ships from the Great Lakes region as dozens and dozens of ships have been lost on these storm-tossed waters since man began to navigate them. Any sailor on the Great Lakes can tell you that these waters are as dangerous as any ocean… and much more haunted. Ships have simply sailed off into oblivion on these lakes, never to be heard from again.

Here’s one of the most famous:

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