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In Calais, a Powder Keg Builds

Afghan migrants wash on a scorching hot day in the migrant camp in Calais. (AP Photo/Michel Spingler)

Western Europe has finally woken up to the threat of unlimited Muslim “immigration” — Germany, which is responsible for the whole mess, sees roughly a violent incident a fortnight now — but still hasn’t summoned the force of will to do something about it. The former East Bloc countries, only recently liberated from the Soviet yoke and maintaining institutional memory of their history of occupation by Islam, want nothing to do with them (Hungary, which has assumed leadership on this issue, is said to be building a second wall to keep Muslims out), but in France things are different.

Local authorities in the French port city of Calais on Friday said the number of migrants living in the infamous “Jungle” camp has seen a “spectacular” rise over the summer, increasing by 53 percent in just two months. At the middle of August, authorities counted more than 6,900 people in the camp – the highest number since it was created sixteen months ago. In June 2016, an official census reported 4,480 people.

Earlier this month, however, local humanitarian aid groups, L’Auberge des Migrants and Help Refugees, took their own census, which counted more than 9,100 people. Local authorities have previously said their goal was to reduce the number of camp inhabitants to about 1,500.

Most of the refugees and migrants in the Calais camp come from conflict zones like Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq or other countries with poor human rights records, and have come to Calais with the hope of sneaking across the English Channel to Britain, where many have relatives or the hope of obtaining work.

Obtaining the dole is more like it. Western Europe’s refugee policies, such as Germany’s Asylrecht, were formulated in the aftermath of World War II and were meant to a) address the moral monstrosity of the Holocaust and b) apply to Europeans. No one envisioned mass “migration” from the Arab and Islamic worlds — cultures fundamentally antithetical to Europe and western civilization.

“Conflict zones” and poverty are the norm for the rest of mankind, but can Europe take all “refugees” — especially those fleeing their own failure — in? Obviously not.

The Jungle camp, which sprung up in April 2015, quickly grew into a slum village consisting of mainly tents and makeshift huts. In winter 2016, authorities decided to dismantle the southern part of it in a bid to encourage the displaced to instead move into heated containers or tents on the northern rim of the camp, or accept bus rides to welcome centres elsewhere around France in an attempt to ease the pressure on Calais. Some 750 shipping containers, including heating and sockets for electricity, have been set up.

France already has the largest Muslim population in Europe — and has the domestic death toll to prove it. Britain’s exit from the European Union will help the Brits fend off the continuing threat, but until “the Jungle” — near the mouth of the Chunnel — is dispersed, the encampment will serve as a daily reminder of the continuing “migrant” threat masquerading as a “humanitarian” crisis.