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With Hillary Looming, It's Time for the #neverTrumpumpkins to Stand Down

With Hillary Looming, It's Time for the #neverTrumpumpkins to Stand Down
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The time has come for the #neverTrumpumpkins to stand down and shut up. Their intolerable moral preening has reached absurd levels of self-promotion and self-deception, and as the country lurches toward an unthinkable Hillary Clinton administration, they can no longer deny their fingerprints on the knife they propose to plunge into Lady Liberty’s back in the name of “movement conservatism.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henniger has seen the light:

The decision to default one’s vote to Hillary Clinton comes in many forms. She is the lesser of two evils. She is the devil we know. By all accounts, hell is still hell. Before volunteering to spend four years in it, voters about to commit the sin of despair might consider the consequences of a default vote.

The greatest is the economy. Mrs. Clinton will contribute nothing to lift the flatlined aspirations of the eight Obama years. There is also the matter of Clinton mores, revealed again Monday in a Washington Poststory about the way former Sen. Clinton dealt with the economic plight of upstate New Yorkers. Most relevant was the account of Sen. Clinton pushing federal money to theCorning company on behalf of its emissions-reduction technology.

But, worst of all:

The onslaught of political correctness that overwhelmed American campuses the past year may not come up in the presidential debates. But for many voters the campus pillaging of free speech symbolizes a country off the rails.

The New York Times recently ran a piece describing how colleges and universities are experiencing a pull back in alumni giving because of the PC madness. Donations at Amherst fell 6.5% in the last fiscal year. A small-college fundraising organization named Staff reports that giving in fiscal 2016 is down 29% from the year before.

Enraged alumni vent frustration throughout the piece, but one in particular asks, “Where did this super-correctness come from?” There is an answer to that question. A Clinton victory will empower, for a very long time, the forces now putting at risk one of the country’s incomparable strengths, its system of higher education.

What happened can be explained in one word: diversity. This is an idea that degraded into a set of destructive obsessions. Those obsessions then became official, destructive federal policy.

Which of course was the whole idea all along. The devils on the Left always come at us in the guise of angels, “social-justice” warriors out to right the monstrous wrongs of our past. That the entirety of our shared past is viewed by them as a monster is generally something they don’t mention until its too late. Under the guise of Critical Theory, they have effected an assault on western civilization like none other.

The Nov. 8 vote is the last hurdle of accountability for Hillary Clinton. The price of the Clinton default option looks much too high.

The fascistic nature of the “diversity project” was never clearer, or more alarming. It must be stopped if we wish to preserve our nation as founded.


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