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Things Getting Ugly in European 'Migrant' Camps

(AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos)

Cops in places as disparate as Greece and France are breaking out the tear gas and truncheons as they come face to face with ugly reality:

Police used tear gas and stun grenades to repel hundreds of migrants and refugees who stormed the Macedonian border from Greece Monday, tearing down a gate as frustrations boiled over at restrictions imposed on people moving through the Balkans.

Thousands of desperate refugees have been stuck for days on the Greek side of the border, overflowing from a packed refugee camp at Idomeni into the surrounding fields as they waited for Macedonian authorities to let them continue their trek through the Balkans. Only a tiny trickle of people from specific countries have been allowed to cross every day

Separately, clashes broke out Monday as work got underway to clear part of the vast shanty town outside Calais in northern France where migrants are trying to reach Britain. Police fired tear gas around midday, about 150-200 migrants and activists threw stones, and three makeshift shelters were set ablaze.

Naturally, there are those who take the side of the “refugees” —

“The migrants are just going to run and hide in the woods and the police are going to have to go after them,” said activist Francois Guennoc of the Auberge des Migrants migrant support group.

Because, after all, the “migrants” just want a better life… right?

At least 3,000 migrants live at the camp. Many attempt to climb illegally onto trains using the Channel Tunnel or into trucks heading to Britain where they hope to settle.

Back in Macedonia, several women and children were nearly trampled in the border melee and Macedonian authorities said one officer was injured. Chanting “Open the border!” and “We want to go to Serbia!”, the protesting migrants broke down a gate at a nearby rail crossing after pushing their way past Greek police.

In retrospect, this should have been stopped last summer in Hungary, when the Muslim hordes began jostling their way through Budapest in the guise of “migrants.” The Hungarians have realized that now, but it’s too late. All too soon, this will be a job for national armies, not just the cops.