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Four Reasons Why Trump's Attacks on the Clintons Have Drawn Blood

(AP Photo/Joe Marquette)

From the estimable Noemie Emery in the pages of the Washington Examiner comes this gem:

Even stopped clocks are right sometimes, and even Donald Trump is capable of doing something to actually help the Republican Party. He did so recently when he leveled a broadside at both of the Clintons that for the first time in ages drew blood. Due just to him, a whole new generation is learning the names of Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and why they may matter. Clinton apologists say these attacks always fail, but this time seems different. And here are the four reasons why.

Clink on the link above to read all four in detail. I especially like Reason No. 3:

The Bill Cosby effect has bled into Bill Clinton, showing that an avuncular image can mask a much darker reality.

Ms. Emery also helpfully lists the Democrat party’s recent sordid history involving women, starring the champ, Ted Kennedy, and also-rans like Gary Hart, with Republican slimeball Bob Packwood thrown in for good measure.

It was Hillary Clinton’s bad luck that the political talent she tied herself to was a man given to not taking “no” for an answer. But it was her bad judgment that when trouble occurred she chose not to deal with the source of the problem, but to clear the victims of her husband’s transgressions as quickly as possible out of the way. This is a secondary sin, but one for which she is paying, as her acts contradict her own stated reason for running, which is that women victims of sexual violence should insist that their cases be heard. It is this contradiction that Trump has laid open. And for which he merits our thanks.

It really must be awful for the Left to realize that Trump can say anything he wants about them, and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.