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'Reset' Fail: Putin Cites NATO as Threat to Russian National Security

Remember, the woman who touted a “reset” of American relations with Russia, is now running for president:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has endorsed a new security strategy, which points to NATO expansion as a threat to the country. The document outlines the national interests and strategic priorities of the nation. Putin signed the executive order Thursday, establishing a new posture toward the NATO bloc, which has seen its relationship with Russia deteriorate since the crisis in Ukraine, which began in 2014.

Russian news agency Tass quotes the strategy, which cites a NATO military buildup, and “the alliance’s approach to Russia’s borders,” as a threat to Russia’s national security. The document says the organization is illegally extending its reach.

“The buildup of the military potential of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and vesting it with global functions implemented in violations of norms of international law, boosting military activity of the bloc’s countries, further expansion of the alliance, the approach of its military infrastructure to Russian borders create a threat to the national security,” it says.

2016: it’s going to be a great year. Let’s also hope it’s the last year of the Obama-Hillary Clinton “legacy.”