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What's the 'Common Denominator' in Mass Shootings?

Interesting that the White House, the Democrat Party and the mainstream media — but I repeat myself! — have all simultaneously chosen this very moment to push for the disarming of the American people. People were slaughtered in their wheelchairs at the exact same time that the borders have effectively been thrown open and the administration is urging the importation of thousands upon thousands of Muslim “refugees” after the collapse of its “foreign policy” in Syria.

And if you object, they retort: “that’s not who we are.” On the other hand: this is exactly who they are.

That the Obama administration does not have the best interests of the country at heart is by now beyond dispute. The man promised fundamental change and now we are getting it, good and hard. For some reason future historians must ferret out, the entire Democrat Party has chosen to follow a former backbenching time-server from the corrupt Illinois legislature down a destructive path and — perhaps most threatening to our democracy — the dying media establishment has decided to play its part by trying to make their fellow citizens as helpless as possible.

So along comes CBS, just a few days after the terrorist murders in San Bernardino, with this bit of disinformation:

The murder weapons used in the San Bernardino shooting were versions of a very popular rifle called an AR-15. It’s a semi automatic version of a U.S. military assault weapon.

Millions have been built, but a few are infamous. An AR-15 was used to kill nine people at Umpqua Community College in Oregon in October. It was also the weapon used in the murders of 12 people at a Colorado movie theater in 2012. And an AR-15 was used in the 2012 murders of 20 first graders and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut.

At C.I. Shooting Sports in Normal, Illinois, owner Stephen Stewart stocks the AR-15 for a simple reason. “It’s a favorite among sportsmen, target shooters and competitors,” Stewart told CBS News. “It’s also popular as a home defense platform.”

Lightweight and easy to master with about 30 minutes of instruction, the AR-15 was invented in 1959 for the military, but was modified for civilian use beginning in 1963. “The AR-15 is America’s rifle,” Stewart said. “You’re going to find more of those in safes at home than you’ll find of any other rifle in the country.”

Let’s see if we can spot the flaw in CBS’s little exercise in moral relativism. First of all, the weapons used by the terrorists were not simply “murder weapons.” Murder weapons are guns, knives, ropes, lead pipes and wrenches –these were weapons of war, used by “holy warriors” against the West and, in the case of the male, his own country. 

Meanwhile, the AR-15 was indeed invented for the military and converted to civilian use… just like almost every other basic gun, including the famous M1911 A1 .45 handgun. It’s found a place in the homes of millions of Americans because of its ease of use and the range of things it can do, among them home defense, target shooting and hunting. In other words, it’s popular for many reasons. But one of those reasons is not because most Americans are homicidal maniacs who want to go on a killing spree.

That doesn’t stop anti-Second Amendment propagandists like CBS from calling it an “assault weapon” — a meaningless term designed to frighten the women and children of the American mainstream media. In the meantime, though, it’s open season on Americans, and nobody but real Americans seems to care.