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Sweden Raising Threat Level After Intel Warning

(Johan Nilsson/TT via AP) SWEDEN OUT

Given what’s going on all across Europe today, not much of a surprise:

Sweden’s security police (Sapo) raised on Wednesday their terrorist threat assessment by one step, to four on a scale of five, saying there was “concrete information” of a possible attack only days after the Paris killing spree. “One of the reasons for the increase is that the Security Police have received concrete information and made a judgement that we need to act within the framework of our counter-terrorism operations,” Sapo said in a statement.

Level four means that there is a high probability that “persons have the intent and ability to carry out an attack”.

Swedish police said they had increased their presence in“strategic and public places”, including foreign embassies, following the raising of the threat assessment level. Prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation into a possible terrorist offence, indicating the raised level was not due to a generalised risk assessment.

Danish police also said on Wednesday they had increased their security readiness to the second-highest of five levels of readiness, as a consequence of the attacks in Paris last week.

Local Swedish news agency Six, citing an unnamed source, said an Iraqi man, trained in Syria, entered Sweden on Wednesday with the intent to carry out an attack.

The insanity of encouraging and facilitating mass migration from a hostile, alien culture grows more dangerous every day. Pretty soon, even the politically correct Swedes are going to have to face facts and decide what, if anything, they want to do about it.