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Rep. Dan Crenshaw on Trump Joking About John Dingell: 'Totally Unnecessary!'

Rep. Dan Crenshaw on Trump Joking About John Dingell: 'Totally Unnecessary!'
In this Tuesday, May 22, 2018, file photo, Republican congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw reacts to the crowd with his wife, Tara, as he comes on stage to deliver a victory speech during an election night party at the Cadillac Bar, in Houston. (Mark Mulligan/Houston Chronicle via AP, File)

During his rally in Michigan on the day the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted to impeach him, President Trump made a joke about (deceased) former Congressman John Dingell. According to Trump, the congressman could be in hell. But, he added, he assumes he’s not.

Dingell’s widow, Debbie Dingell, is a member of Congress herself. She responded with a nagging tweet arguing that Trump’s comments somehow make it more difficult for her to heal from her loss:

After the tweet, a lot of politically correct politicians told her that they had her back. What Trump did was terrible! How dare he! Everybody loved John Dingell! Really! Here’s Rep. Justin Amash, for example:

There were more, but I don’t think it’s necessary to quote all of them. The general response was the same: Orange man bad, Debbie sad.

One other member of Congress deserves to be called out on his response, however. I’m talking about Rep. Dan Crenshaw:

Oh. My. God. Spare me the outrage. Rep. John Dingell hated Trump. He blasted him on Twitter, writing a year ago that Trump “will be remembered as the smallest and most vile” presidents in history. “A petty man with no interest in a greater good for us all.”

That’s vicious. But Trump can’t make a little joke about him?

What nonsense. If Debbie Dingell can’t handle such jokes, perhaps she shouldn’t be in Congress in the first place. Although I think that her “so hurt” response isn’t anything more (or less) than an act. “Look, Orange man truly bad! Hurts the feelings of a widow!”

In America’s current culture of victim worshiping such a little game undoubtedly helps Rep. Dingell and her party. She’s using her husband’s memory to quickly score some sympathy points. Great for her and, yes, it’ll work. But do we all have to play along? Do we all have to pretend that Trump’s little joke about a man who, when alive, hated him and deeply insulted him, is the Worst Thing Ever?

No thanks.

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