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[VIDEO] Rep. Jordan Goes Nuclear on Democrats: 'They Don't Care About the Will of the American People'

[VIDEO] Rep. Jordan Goes Nuclear on Democrats: 'They Don't Care About the Will of the American People'
Rep. Jim Jordan talks to Brian Kilmeade. Screenshot Fox News.

Appearing on Fox News late Friday night, Rep. Jim Jordan all but destroyed his Democratic colleagues in Congress. They do not, he said, care about the will of the American people. They have never accepted the 2016 election results. They’ve been looking for any way, and every way, to take Trump down. That’s what impeachment is truly all about, not about a phone call between Presidents Zelensky and Trump.

When Brian Kilmeade asked him what the “real feeling among Democrats” is, Rep. Jim Jordan answered: “Who knows. I mean, we’ll know the real feeling next November when the American people get to decide. But the whole thing,” he went on, “was ridiculous. I mean, this is really about what Nancy Pelosi said three weeks ago when she called the president of the United States an imposter. They have never accepted, Brian, that 63 million of us voted for this guy to come to this town and to drain the swamp, won an Electoral College landslide. They’ve never accepted that fact.”

“They’ve been looking for any way and every way to take him out of this town and take him out of office. And now it comes down to impeachment… All the facts are on the president’s side. They don’t care because they have never accepted the will of the American people.”

Next, Kilmeade asked Rep. Jordan how he experienced the impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives. The American people, he said, were most likely extremely bored with two groups of people — Democrats and Republicans — talking completely past each other.

“Yeah,” the congressman said, “I get that. But again, they won’t accept the facts.”

“Four facts have never changed. They will never change. They have always been there. We have the transcript. There was no quid pro quo in the transcript. We have the two guys who were on the call — President Trump, President Zelensky — both have said, ‘No pressure, no pushing, no linking of an investigation to the security assistance money.’ We have the fact that Ukraine didn’t even know aid was paused at the time of the call. And most importantly, Ukraine took no action i.e. never made an announcement of an investigation into anybody, let alone the Bidens to get the aid released.”

“Those facts have always been there but they,” Rep. Jordan continued about the Democrats, “don’t care, because they have never accepted the will of the American people. And, Brian, they know they can’t beat President Trump next November. Remember, in 2016, they had the ‘insurance policy.’ When they spied on four American citizens associated with President Trump’s campaign. In 2020 they’re trying impeachment to hopefully give themselves a chance to compete against the president next fall.”

However, he added, “it’s not going to work. President Trump is going to win because of his amazing record.”

The Ohio Congressman also explained that there’s a correlation between what happened with Brexit in Britain and the impeachment procedure against President Trump. In both cases, he said, the elites refuse to accept the will of the people. When an outsider like Trump comes in, “trying to drain the swamp, standing up for we the people, the hardworking folks like I know in Ohio. Union workers, hard union workers, hard-working people in Ohio, families across this country, that makes this town go crazy. But this president is fighting for the very people he told them that he was going to fight for, doing what he said he was going to do.”

And so, Rep. Jordan proved that he only needs three minutes and 45 seconds to completely and utterly destroy the Democrats and their ludicrous talking points.

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