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British MP: 'Brexit Is Sucking the Life Out of Everything... We Have to Stop it'

British MP: 'Brexit Is Sucking the Life Out of Everything... We Have to Stop it'
LibDem MP Christine Jardine admits it: she wants to prevent Brexit. Source: Sky News / Twitter.

Those of us in favor of Brexit have said for ages now that the real goal of Britain’s establishment is to prevent it from happening altogether. They say that they just want to “delay” it because they want a “better deal,” but we’ve always felt that to be nonsense. Well, thanks to LibDem MP Christine Jardine, we now have evidence that we were always completely right.

In an interview with Sky News, Mrs. Jardine (who’s her party’s Home Affairs spokesperson) said loud and clear that her number one goal right now is to prevent Brexit. “The future of this country depends on how we handle Brexit,” she told Sky’s Sophy Ridge.

And by “handling” Brexit, she actually means stopping it.

“Only if we stop Brexit can we then go on to handle things like climate change, tackle climate change, invest in the NHS, do something about the terrible skill shortages, the lack of nurses in the NHS at the moment, the lack of staff in other areas,” she went on to say. “We have to tackle these things. But before we do, we have to stop Brexit because it is sucking the lifeblood out of everything in this country.”

I guess we should be grateful to Mrs. Elitist. Unlike the leaders of the socialist Labour Party, the LibDem MP is at least admitting it: she and her friends don’t support the results of the 2016 Brexit referendum and so they plan on vetoing the people’s vote. Brits may have voted to leave the European Union, but that doesn’t matter. She and her europhile friends know best: the United Kingdom has to stay in the EU. The End.

As an aside, her reasoning is — of course — ridiculous. It’s absolutely not true that the UK has to stay in the EU in order to fix the problems with the NHS — the National Health Service. One has nothing to do with the other.

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