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Radical Liberals Harass Rand Paul During Lunch: 'We're Not Putting Up With Your Bullsh*t!'

On Friday, Sen. Rand Paul’s deputy chief of staff posted a video on Twitter containing some troubling footage of him and his boss being harassed by a bunch of radical liberals.


“While having lunch with Rand Paul in California,” he explains in his accompanying tweet, “we got verbally assaulted by these aggressive libs complaining about incivility.”

Now, as you can see in the video, the “incivility” is actually coming from one side only… and it’s not from Rand Paul and his staff:

As you can see, one of the radical liberals harassing Sen. Paul claims that he is “not being rude,” while a woman flips off the camera and yells that they are not “putting up with your Republican bullsh*t!”

Sen. Paul later retweeted the video, rightfully writing that “the left blames incivility on [President Trump]. Watch this video and decide who the rude ones are…”

Think to yourself: what kind of ill-mannered person decides to harass a senator when he’s having lunch? What kind of behavior is that?

That’s right: it’s the behavior of someone who’s truly, deeply, and thoroughly obsessed. Someone who can’t let go of politics, even for an hour. This person has internalized politics to such a degree, that they can no longer distinguish the private from the public. It’s “the personal is political” taken to its extreme.


Sadly, there are increasingly more people like that — and, when we’re talking about radical liberals, it seems that they have a very troubling obsession with Rand Paul. After all, as The Blaze points out, the senator has been targeted by several people like these two. In 2017, his own neighbor even physically attacked him (from behind). And that’s not to mention the horrific attack by “a crazed gunman” on him and his fellow Republicans when they were practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game.

The liberal establishment constantly acts as if Trump’s supporters are insane, but the reality of the matter is that radical leftists are the ones who have completely lost it. They can’t let anyone who disagrees with them be. Wear a MAGA hat and you’re attacked. Be Rand Paul and you can’t even eat lunch.

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