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CNN Debate Moderator Don Lemon to Candidates: Hey, What About Trump's Bigotry?!

CNN Debate Moderator Don Lemon to Candidates: Hey, What About Trump's Bigotry?!
Don Lemon proved to be a fake journalist during the Democratic debate. Source: screenshot CNN / Twitter.

During the debate between Democratic presidential candidates Tuesday evening, fake journalist and moderator Don Lemon revealed his true colors by portraying President Donald Trump as an irredeemable racist.

“What do you say to those Trump voters,” he asked the candidates, “who prioritize the economy over the president’s bigotry?”

Yes, that was a question. For real.

This truly is shocking. Everybody already knew that Lemon is a fake journalist, but with this question, he truly takes his liberal hackery to a whole new level. He isn’t even asking the Democratic candidates whether Trump is a bigot in their eyes. Oh no, his bigotry is apparently a fact. And so the question is: how do you convince voters that his bigotry is a bigger issue than the economy?

I’ve seldom seen such an obvious case of framing. This is extreme, even for the liberal mainstream media.

Of course, the Democratic candidates were happy to play along. This is exactly what they want voters to believe about President Trump: that he is a disgusting bigot. A racist. A hater of all minorities, be they Hispanics, gays, or African Americans.

How pathetic is it that CNN still presents Lemon as some kind of journalist? He isn’t. He’s a partisan hack. That’s fine — he’s allowed to be a liberal propagandist — but CNN and he should be honest about it. Instead, they lie and deceive the public by pretending that he is a neutral and objective journalist who just reports the facts.

Thank God that increasingly more people are switching off CNN.

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