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British Conservative Lord Calls for Opposition to Form 'Anti-Brexit' Government

Michael Heseltine speaks to media on College Green Politicians at Westminster as Article 50 is triggered, London, March 29, 2017 (Rex Features via AP Images)

Former Deputy Prime Minister and current House of Lords member Michael Heseltine has turned on his own leader, Theresa May, to argue in favor of a Labour-led government. Labour is Britain’s most important opposition party, and its leader is Jeremy Corbyn — a true socialist and an opponent of Brexit.

According to Heseltine, a Corbyn-led government would be “damaging” in “the short term,” but Brexit would be a “long-term disaster.”

Although he was a prominent adviser of Prime Minister May, Lord Heseltine was sacked in March of this year for trying to force “a meaningful vote” on the Brexit deal. In other words, he was actively working against the government he was supposed to advise and help.

In response to his latest betrayal, the influential Conservative think tank the Bow Group urged May to ban Lord Heseltine from the Conservative benches:

“Heseltine has made clear it is his aim to prevent Brexit at all costs, including the sabotage of his own party and nation,” the Bow Group said in a statement released Wednesday. “The Conservatives must therefore withdraw the whip and end the inevitable continuation of his sniping from inside the tent.”

The Bow Group patrons include Lord Lamont, John Redwood MP, and Lord Tebbit. It is considered to be one of the most influential Conservative think tanks in Britain. Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney explained that Heseltine must go, because “the Brexit negotiations cannot be led by a Conservative Government that allows outright sabotage to go unaddressed within its own ranks.”

“There should absolutely be room for Conservative politicians to disagree with the Government’s approach to Brexit. But for a member to be invested in bringing a Corbyn-led government into power in order to ignore the democratic will of the people in voting for Brexit cannot be tolerated by any party or government who wishes to be taken seriously and maintain parliamentary discipline,” he continued.

Betraying his own leader is nothing new for Lord Heseltine. In 1990 he contested PM Margaret Thatcher, ultimately forcing her to resign.

It was extremely naive of May and other leading Tories to trust him in this position. This man is a scorpion; he’ll always sting you. He just can’t help himself. But the good news is that the forceful response to Lord Heseltine’s betrayal proves the Tories are indeed serious about Brexit and will not let it be sabotaged by anyone, least of all an old Benedict Arnold.