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Trump Announces: 'The Tax Cut Bill Is Coming Along Very Well'

President Donald J. Trump hands the pen he used to sign an Executive Order to promote healthcare choice and competition to US Senator Rand Paul on Thursday, October 12, 2017. (Photo by: Ron Sachs/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)

Although people increasingly suspect that President Trump’s tax cuts aren’t going to happen — ever — the president himself still has faith in his team and fellow Republicans to get it done:

Republicans have been working on these cuts for months, but so far all their efforts have been to no avail. One of the main reasons for the delay is that libertarian-leaning conservatives like Senator Rand Paul couldn’t support the original plan because it would do nothing for the middle class — and could potentially even raise their burden.

Trump was reportedly angry when he found out that “the change would hurt some middle-income taxpayers.” He responded to the criticism by saying “we’ll be adjusting” the tax overhaul. Since then, his team and prominent Republican members of the House and Senate have been working on implementing those changes.

Well, good news: from the looks of it, the adjustments seem to be taken care of. Senator Rand Paul has already said that “as it stands right now” he plans “to vote for this bill.” He added: “I urge my colleagues to do the same.” Senator Paul was thanked for those kind words by the president himself:

However, Trump clearly isn’t convinced that Republicans will actually support his proposal. At least that’s the impression I get from this tweet he published earlier on Monday:

If he was sure that the proposal would be passed, Trump wouldn’t feel the need to publicly put pressure on Republicans in the Senate. That he does so tells me that he is at least a little bit worried.

Be that as it may, Trump has one great advantage: he is the president. A senator has to be extremely courageous (or suicidal) to take a stand against him. The good news? Most senators are too obsessed with their own political future to take a stand for or against anything… or anyone, let alone against the leader of their own party. Sen. Rand Paul certainly is an exception, but he’s passionately supporting the plan already, so he won’t cause trouble. And his support means that the few other “maverick” Republican senators — Mike Lee and Ted Cruz come to mind — are likely happy with the adjustments as well.

In other words, if he actually presents the plan, I fully expect it to pass and to significantly lower the tax burden on the upper and middle class. If it does, these tax cuts will be Trump’s signature grand achievement in office — at least for now.