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Trump: 'I Have Ordered Homeland Security to Step Up Our Already Extreme Vetting Program'

On Twitter, President Trump has responded to the horrific terror attack in New York City that killed at least eight and wounded more than a dozen innocent people. In his tweet, the president announced that the attack caused him to order Homeland Security to step up its efforts to keep America safe.

Although “extreme vetting” may prevent more wannabe terrorists from coming into the country, the problem in this particular case was, of course, that the terrorist was already in the U.S.

In an earlier tweet, the president said that the attack proved to him that he has to make sure that no ISIS terrorists are allowed to return or enter America after they’re defeated in the Middle East:

Again, this is a wise policy, but it doesn’t help combat jihadists that are already in America like the New York murderer was. Extreme vetting at the border won’t suffice.