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Ted Cruz Hits a Home Run Against Bernie Sanders: 'He Fundamentally Misunderstands Robin Hood'

We all know that Bernie Sanders is a babbling old man. We can, of course, feel sorry for him and refrain from criticizing him, purely because, well, he simply isn’t very smart. Or eloquent. Sadly, however, he does have a large and loyal following, which is why a) he has to be taken seriously nonetheless and b) it’s so incredibly important to explain that and why he’s full of it.

Enter Ted Cruz. On Wednesday evening, Cruz and Sanders debated each other on the GOP’s tax plan. Cruz truly slammed the floor with his socialist colleague in the Senate, explaining why his favorite Robin Hood analogy is way, way, way off.

As Cruz rightfully said, Robin Hood didn’t steal from entrepreneurs, but from tax collectors who used their position and power to collect “too much taxes from the working men and women, (and who were) … taking it for the rich.”

In Bernie’s analogy, it is the Democrats who are King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. And Robin Hood is saying: “Tax collectors, stop hammering people who are struggling, who are laboring in the fields, who are working. Stop taking it to the castle to give out to your buddies.”

That last statement brought Cruz to another point: the sad fact that Democrats’ friends in the health insurance industry are thrilled with ObamaCare.

You notice, Bernie is going to tell you all this free stuff he’s going to give. And the Democrats love corporate welfare. They love to rail on the insurance companies. What they won’t tell you is that, under ObamaCare, the profits for the insurance companies doubled. When you have Washington giving out goodies, the big guys do great. It’s the little people who hurt. It’s the young people, it’s the entrepreneurs.

That’s right — and it’s exactly why the Left’s agenda is so dangerous. The rich and powerful can afford to lose some money. The average Joe certainly cannot. Of course, Bernie is well aware of that but he simply doesn’t care. This isn’t about helping John Doe but about pushing through his socialist agenda no matter the cost for the average American.

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