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Breitbart Editor: 'If Trump 'Pulls an Arnold Schwarzenegger,' He Will Struggle to Be Reelected

In an interview with MSNBC, Breitbart senior editor Joel Pollak has made clear that Donald Trump can’t take his website’s support for granted.

“If he pulls an Arnold Schwarzenegger and tries to reinvent himself as a liberal, he will see that support erode very, very quickly, and he will struggle politically, I think, to make the case for reelection in 2020,” Pollak commented after it was announced that former (and now current) chief Steve Bannon was removed from his position as Trump’s chief strategist.

There can be little doubt that Pollak is right. From old-school conservatives who demanded a candidate with the balls to say what nobody else dared say, to the “alt-right” and to Democrats who simply detest the Clintons — all passionately supported Trump last year, but they did so because they thought he truly was an outsider, a man who refused to play the usual establishment games and who would stick to his guns no matter what. If he now governs like, say, Gary Cohn would, well, let’s just say that these voters aren’t the type of people who’ll put up with that. The primary reason they supported Trump is that they felt betrayed by the establishment. If Trump now joins the political elite, they’ll undoubtedly turn on him in a heartbeat — especially now that Bannon, Pollak and other new media figures like them are fired up and ready to go.

Yesterday wasn’t D-Day for Trump, but today certainly is. He now has to decide what he’ll do: carry out the agenda he set for himself during the campaign, or side with the establishment and give them whatever it is they want. Trump letting Bannon go implies it’ll be the latter, but let’s not give up hope just yet.