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British PM Theresa May Blasts Labour Leader for Insulting Trump

British PM Theresa May Blasts Labour Leader for Insulting Trump
President Donald Trump shakes hands with British Prime Minister Theresa May in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Friday, Jan. 27, 2017. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

British Prime Minister Theresa May has had it up to here with Jeremy Corbyn, the Trump-hating leader of the Labour Party.

Corbyn this week went off on yet another rant, blasting both Donald Trump and May. You see, Corbyn is passionate and a politically correct socialist. To him, Trump is the devil himself. And because May actually tries to have a normal relationship with the new American president, Corbyn insults both of them day after day… after day.

Last week, May finally had enough. She let Corbyn rant on for a few minutes, but when he was — thank God — finally done, she struck back, telling him that while “he can lead a protest, I’m leading a country.”

Here’s what Corbyn said:

President Trump has torn up international agreements on refugees. He has threatened to dump international agreements on climate change. He has praised the use of torture. He has incited hatred against Muslims. He has directly attacked women’s rights. Just what more does President Trump have to do until the prime minister will listen to the 1.8 million people who have already called for his state visit invi…invitation to be withdrawn!

When you listen to and watch Corbyn in action, you’d swear he’s talking about, say, the mad ayatollahs of Iran or the women-stoning butchers in charge of Saudi Arabia. But no, he’s talking about the democratically elected American president, whose most important “sin” is that he happens to be a Republican.

It’s sad, but this is how far the party of Tony Blair — who was George W. Bush’s most loyal and reliable ally — has fallen.

Thankfully, May had the opportunity to respond. She did so with tremendous passion:

The right honorable gentleman’s foreign policy is to object to and insult the democratically elected head of state of our most important ally. Let’s just see what he would’ve achieved in the last week. Would he have been able to protect British citizens from the impact of the executive order? No. Would he have been able to lay the foundations of a trade deal? No. Would he have got a 100 percent commitment to NATO? No.

That’s what Labour has to offer this country: less protection for British citizens, less prosperous, less safe. He can lead a protest, I’m leading a country!

At that point, Parliament went wild. And rightfully so. What we’re seeing here is more than the usual political debates (which are quite amazing in Britain); we are witnessing the return of Margaret Thatcher. Yes, May is very much her own woman, but she has clearly studied her illustrious predecessor. The strength in her voice, the declaration of war on Labour — this is what Thatcher did all the time, and it enabled her to lead her country for almost 12 years. If May keeps her word by guiding Britain to Brexit, I foresee a similar future for her.

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