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Netanyahu Lashes Out: 'Paris Peace Conference' Is Nothing More Than 'a Palestinian Fraud'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits a French-Israeli technology innovation summit at a hotel in the Mediterranean coastal city of Tel Aviv on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013, along with French President Francois Hollande who wrapped up a three-day trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories by attending the technology event and meeting French community members. (AP Photo/Jack Guez, Pool)

Today Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again shows why he’s a hero of mine :

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the French government Thursday and the Palestinians in connection with the peace conference set to meet in Paris on Sunday with the participation of foreign ministers and senior diplomats from 70 countries and international organizations.

“This conference is a fraud, a Palestinian scam under French auspices, whose goal is to lead to the adoption of additional anti-Israeli positions,” said Netanyahu at the beginning of a meeting with Norwegian Foreign Minister Borg Brende.

Lord knows how many different Palestinian terrorist organizations are systematically undermining every real effort at lasting peace. They do so by carrying out horrendous terror attacks, but also by political means. This “conference” falls into the latter category. As Netanyahu says, it only “moves peace backward.” It’s “a relic of the past. It’s a final attempt to hold on to the past before the future moves in.”

French President Francois Hollande already countered Netanyahu’s criticism by saying he’ll make sure it remains “a conference” (and not an anti-Israel slugfest) and that the main point will be to reiterate the participants’ support for a two-state solution. But that’s exactly where the problem lies. The Palestinians want at best a two-state solution that weakens Israel so much that the country can be destroyed militarily in one fell swoop. They’re waging war by diplomatic means, not ending the war itself. Obviously, Hollande also realizes that — he’d have to be blind, stupid and deaf not to — but simply doesn’t care. Apparently, anti-Semitism has made such a comeback in France that it’s now completely acceptable to risk the future of the world’s only Jewish nation, just because a few supposed Palestinians scream and shout that its existence is “unfair” to them.

And that brings me to another point: there is already a two-state solution. The “Palestinian people” do not exist. For the most part, they’re Jordanians. Well, guess what? Jordanians already have their own country; it’s called Jordan (makes sense, doesn’t it?). If these Palestinians (who are actually Jordanians) can’t abide being surrounded by Jews, there’s a simple solution for them: move to the country you are actually from. There is no “Palestinian state,” there has never been a “Palestinian state,” and if the “international community” has any sense whatsoever, there will never be a Palestinian state.

Hollande and his ilk can stick their “two-state solution” in a place where the sun don’t shine.

Ironically, Hollande even has the audacity to pretend that what he does is in Israel’s interest. Yes really! The French president actually tells us that he has Israel’s national security at heart:

I can see that this has been weakened on the ground and in the minds. If we let it whither away then it would be a risk for Israeli’s security to which we are resolutely attached.

What a joke! He’s as “resolutely attached” to that as Yasser Arafat was, which means “not in the slightest.” I’d call it a bad joke if I thought Hollande actually had a sense of humor (the guy’s famous for being a boring twat). If he did actually care about Israel’s security, Hollande would force the Jordanians Palestinians to give up their national hobby (i.e.: terrorism) and accept the fact that Israel has every right to exist and to do so within borders that are defensible.

But no, Hollande does no such thing. Instead, he cries about “equality” and a “two-state solution” that would result in the eventual destruction of Israel, all the while pretending he’s the country’s best friend and greatest benefactor. It’s shameful.

Thank God for Netanyahu; he’s one of the few Israeli leaders with the courage to stand up to Hollande and his anti-Semitic allies, and to tell them exactly where they can shove their plans for Israel’s future.