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ISIS Strikes in Baghdad, at Least 55 Killed by Car Bomb

Citizens inspect the scene after a car bomb explosion at a crowded outdoor market in the Iraqi capital's eastern district of Sadr City, Iraq, Monday, Jan 2, 2017. (AP Photo/ Karim Kadim)

Today was yet another day from hell in Baghdad: three car bombs went off in the capital of Iraq. The bloodiest of them all, in Sadr City, was claimed by ISIS.

In that attack, at least 55 people were murdered. Sixty others were injured.

Below is a photo of the carnage caused by the radical Islamic butchers:

Most inhabitants of Sadr City are Shiite Muslims, which is why they’re targeted by ISIS, a radical Sunni terror group. ISIS considers Shiites fake Muslims or even apostates, which makes it — according to the hateful theology of the Islamist group — fair to kill them.

The sad fact of the matter is, of course, that most governments in the Middle East still have no clue how to deal with radical Islamic groups. Yes, some terrorists are arrested or killed, but they still pretend that it’s more of a social — rather than a cultural and religious — problem. As long as they deny the obvious — that many Muslims in the Middle East are indoctrinated with radical Islamic beliefs — they’re fighting a losing battle, which means that we’ll see many more bloody attacks like the one in Sadr City today.