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Shocking Video: Muslim Immigrants Ban Women from Entire Neighborhoods in France

AP Photo/Shakil Adil

Welcome to the land of Sharia law. No, I’m not talking about Iran or Saudi Arabia, but about France.

A documentary produced by French news channel France 2 has caused a major controversy in the land of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. The reason? The news channel sent a couple of female undercover journalists to neighborhoods and cities in France with large Muslim populations to see with their own eyes how women were treated in them. The results were downright shocking.

The women were told that they were not welcome in just about every single shop or café they visited in Saint-Denis. They were told to go home… and stay there. Of course, they were allowed to go outside, but then only if they were wearing a burqa.

For example, one shopkeeper told a female journalist who entered his shop that it was wise for her to “stay outside.” After all, she was told, “only men are allowed to enter the shop.”

Dutch magazine Elsevier (the Dutch equivalent, more or less, of National Review) adds:

In some streets, not one woman is seen outside. And whenever the female journalists tried to enter a shop or café, they were told they were not welcome. When one of the journalists asked a local Muslim entrepreneur what he would have done if she was his niece, he answered that “she would stay inside the home.” He added: “She can do whatever she wants, make no mistake about it, but she’s not welcome here.”

“This is Saint-Denis,” the Muslim immigrant explained. It’s not like Paris here. There’s a completely different culture. It’s more like home [ed.: than France].”

And that, of course, is the problem. Saint-Denis isn’t Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia. It’s a city in France. It may surprise these “new French,” but French women are used to being treated as equals of men, not as rabid dogs.

As a result of the documentary, French Deputy Minister Pascale Boistard, who’s responsible for women’s affairs, has been forced to admit that there are entire neighborhoods in France where women are oppressed and not allowed to leave their homes. But, he says, don’t worry! Those radical Muslims are in the minority! The majority of French Muslims respect women. Truly, they do!

But wait a minute. How does Mr. Boistard explain that the female journalists weren’t welcome anywhere? There are only two possible answers: either he’s lying through his teeth, or the minority of radical Muslims are oppressing the majority of “moderate Muslims.” In either case, France has a very serious problem.

It’s news like this that explains why the populist-nationalist National Front, led by Marine Le Pen, continues to surge in the polls. If I were a Frenchman I too would seriously consider voting for that party, even though I consider them somewhat dangerous. How is it that these Muslim men are welcome in France? Why aren’t they deported? What kind of Western government allows them to stay when it’s clear that they’re opposed to everything French culture stands for?

Feel free to treat women like dogs in the Middle East and North Africa; it’s not OK to do so in France (or in any other European country).

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