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Washington Post Cries Out Loud: 'Donald Trump Weaponizes Conspiracy Theories!'

Look at the media (in this case the leftist Washington Post) crying like little babies over supposed conspiracy theories:

@FiIibuster — that’s lowercase i-capital i-lowercase i — is the luckiest 16-year-old in California. On Monday night, he took a break from tweeting about professional sports to piggyback on the president-elect’s critiques of CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny. “CNN is terrible folks,” he wrote. “Jeff has no evidence that Donald Trump didn’t suffer from voter fraud!”

Lo and behold, Trump retweeted him, adding at the end, “Bad reporter.” To which @FiIibuster could only reply, “OMG.”

I tell this story not to walk through Trump’s longstanding feud with CNN, which my colleague Cal Borchers does here. I tell it instead to marvel at how fully Donald Trump, political neophyte, has embraced a web of conspiracy theories and illogical statements to advance his political interests.


According to the author of the piece, Philip Bump, Trump has basically “weaponized conspiracy theories” to further his cause. And that, he explains, is completely and utterly unacceptable. What’s more, it’s also something new.

Oh yes, we’ve never seen this before.


Well, with the exception of Joseph McCarthy, the Left’s everlasting Bogeyman. Other than that, nobody — nobody! — ever uses conspiracy theories in politics. Nope siree.

But wait a minute. Hold your horses. I do seem to recall liberal 911-truthers constantly attacking George W. Bush during his time in the White House. They even made documentaries about how the U.S. government itself was responsible for those horrendous terror attacks, or at least allowed them to happen. And that’s not all. After Bush went to war against Iraq, unknown and well-known liberals propagated yet another conspiracy theory. Don’t be fooled, they said, the war in Iraq isn’t about WMDs, terrorism, or Saddam Hussein being a brutal dictator, but about oil!’

Back then Democrats (and their friends in the media) loved conspiracy theories. But now that Trump and his supporters are rather creative with the facts, it’s suddenly a problem?


Cry me a river, libs.

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