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Trump Continues to Destroy the GOP: Clinton Leads in Arizona

Want more proof that Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party? Well, just look at the most recent poll coming out of Arizona:

In the survey of 728 likely Democrat, Republican, independent and undeclared voters across Arizona, Hillary Clinton is leading by 1 percent. That’s within the margin of error, which I’m sure Trumpkins can’t wait to point out, but it’s amazing and sad that this is now their only possible defense.

Let’s not forget: Mitt Romney won Arizona in 2012 with more than 53% of the vote. This is a must-win state for any Republican presidential candidate. And I’m not talking about “inching it out,” but beating the Democrat by 8 to 10 points.

The good news for Trump and company is that 13% of Arizona voters are undecided. In theory, then, Trump could get their vote, or at least part of it, thereby possibly enabling him to win the state, albeit almost certainly by a very small margin. What’s more, since Obama got 44% in 2016 and Hillary’s currently stuck at 40%, the case could be made that she too will get a sizeable part of the undecided vote, perhaps more than Trump, who remains as unpopular as ever.

One of the reasons that Trump is hanging in there — barely — is that Hillary is only leading among women by 4 percent. It’s not very difficult to imagine that this margin will be significantly bigger come November, especially if Trump goes off on one of his famous anti-women Twitter rants in the future.

In other words, Trump can win Arizona, but it’s not looking good. That fact alone — that it is such a tight race in this red state — should be reason for the Trump campaign and the RNC to start panicking like never before. If something doesn’t change in the coming days, Trump will not just lose, it’ll be a defeat of truly epic proportions.

Before Trumpkins start blaming NeverTrumpers: don’t ever say we didn’t tell you so. From day one, those critical of Trump argued that he could never win a general election. If this comes as news to you now, it means that you either weren’t paying attention because you bought into the Fox News- and Breitbart-created hype, or you’re, quite simply, a fool. In either case, responsibility for the disaster that will be upon us in three months will rest squarely on your shoulders.