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Independent Republican Evan McMullin Is Doing It: Qualifies for 5th State Ballot

Evan McMullin, the former CIA agent and foreign policy adviser for Republican members of the House of Representatives, today announced he has collected enough signatures to make the ballot in Idaho. This means that he has successfully qualified for ballot access in five states.

McMullin will, at the very least, be on the ballot in Colorado, Utah, Iowa, Louisiana and now Idaho. Iowa and Utah appear to be battleground states, meaning that McMullin’s presence on the ballot might have a significant impact.

And McMullin isn’t quite done yet. His campaign also expects to soon collect enough signatures in Minnesota and Virginia, two other battleground states.

Donald Trump and his supporters will undoubtedly cry foul, but they have no reason to complain. It’s up to the candidate himself to convince (conservative) voters to support him — nobody else owes him anything. If Trump suffers because McMullin is running as an independent, third-party candidate, it simply means that Trump just isn’t a strong candidate. Trumpkins can complain all they want, but it’s on them that a man with these abysmal favorability ratings became the Republican nominee in the first place.

Cry me a river, folks. You should’ve known better. That you went ahead and nominated him nonetheless is on you.

The fact of the matter is that McMullin offers traditionally Republican voters the chance to vote for someone who’s actually… a Republican, rather than a bullying Democrat pretending to be a nationalist populist.