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Democrat Senator Chris Murphy Mounts Gun Control Filibuster

Patience Carter, a victim in the Pulse nightclub shooting from Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

Are gun grabbers having a field day with the terror attack in Orlando or what?

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) has launched a talking filibuster on the Senate floor in an effort to force Republicans and Democrats to come to an agreement on legislation to deny suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms and requiring universal background checks.

The Senate is debating a spending bill that Democrats hope to offer gun amendments to, but Murphy said that the Senate should “not proceed with debate on amendments to this bill until we have figured out a way to come together on, at the very least, two simple ideas.”

“I’m going to remain on this floor until we get some signal, some sign that we can come together on these two measures, that we can get a path forward on addressing this epidemic in a meaningful, bipartisan way,” Murphy continued on the Senate floor on Wednesday, after he first started his filibuster at about 11:20 a.m.

What “epidemic” is the good senator talking about, exactly? The threat posed by radical Islam? Extremist Muslims’ blood thirst and systematic terror attacks in the entire world, from Asia to the Middle East and from Europe to the United States?

No, of course he isn’t. Because that would force him to admit that there’s such a thing as “radical Islam.” And that can’t possibly be true. After all, we all know that so-called “minorities” can do no wrong. It’s the white man who’s the problem, nobody else.

So instead of demanding action against the main cause behind terrorism (I’ll just repeat it again for our Democratic friends: radical Islam), Senator Murphy and his ilk are trying to use this opportunity to take Americans’ guns away from them. Yes, much better to make them completely dependent on the government for their safety! As we all saw in Orlando, gun-free zones mean zero crimes and especially zero murders!

Oh wait.

Democrats truly are the lowest of the low. They’re the muddy filth on my shoes, the cockroaches of humanity, utterly and completely despicable and disgusting creatures. These people truly have no decency left in their government-worshipping, freedom-hating hearts. All they care about is increasing the size of the federal government. If they have to exploit horrific tragedies to accomplish that all-encompassing goal, they’re more than happy to do so. As Senator Murphy proves, they’ll even spit on the 49 dead bodies of the victims of one of the most horrendous terror attacks in America’s history. And somehow they still have the gall to pretend they’re morally superior to conservatives.