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Belgium Knew Paris Terrorist Supported ISIS, Did Nothing

(TVbrussels via AP)

Three weeks before he helped stage the horrific terror attack in Paris last year, Salah Abdeslam posted an image of ISIS’ flag on Facebook. He did so in order to show his support for the radical Islamic slaughters terrorizing large parts of Syria and Iraq.

After the post, Belgian authorities were immediately informed about his radical views. Believe it or not, those authorities then proceeded to do…

Absolutely nothing.

Yes, you’ve read that right. On October 23, 2015, Abdeslam posted a picture of ISIS’ infamous black flag on his Facebook page. The Orgaan voor de Coördinatie en de Analyse van de Dreiging — Belgium’s counter-terrorism agency — was informed about it, yet did absolutely nothing. They just sat on their hands while knowing that Abdeslam was an active supporter of the world’s most horrific terror organization.

This is how Europe is destroying itself: it’s unwilling to face the facts and deal with radical Muslims out of fear of “alienating” or “insulting” their own Islamic community. If it means that more than one hundred innocent civilians have to die because of the unwillingness to deal with this growing problem, so be it.