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Ben Carson Has Turned Into the GOP Clown

Can someone — anyone — please protect Ben Carson from himself?

The retired neurosurgeon has gone from being the most respected and well-liked member of the Republican Party to being its official clown. See here his defense of Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager:

I quote:

From my contacts with Corey, he’s a very intelligent and efficient individual. And I don’t see any reason that, quite frankly, we should demonize him.

Carson then said that he’d be willing to listen to a good reason why Lewandowski should be demonized. The CNN host responded: “Well, he’s charged with misdemeanor assault. A lot of people think that is a reason.”

Carson’s response had the CNN hosts’ heads spinning:

Well, a lot of people have been charged with various things, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to demonize them.

He proceeded to say that the host himself probably was also charged with a misdemeanor, to which the shocked host replied he hadn’t.

That’s bad enough, but it becomes even worse. This is how Carson proceeded:

This is the problem we have in America today: everybody wants to demonize everybody rather than sitting down and having an intelligent discussion about what’s going on!

Yes, Dr. Carson, people do tend to “demonize” (or, better said: criticize) men who assault women and lie about it afterwards. Strangely, I don’t consider that to be a problem at all, and neither does 99% of earth’s population.

I don’t know what has happened to Ben Carson, but it’s clear that he has gone off the deep end. He’s becoming an embarrassment, not only to himself, but to the entire Republican Party.