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Cruz: Trump May Owe 'Billions' in Loans to Big Banks

When Donald Trump heard that Ted Cruz had taken out a loan from Goldman Sachs (against his own investments, by the way), he lashed out at his rival. The loan proved that Cruz was owned by the banks! He could not be trusted! He’d just do Goldman’s bidding!

Oh my, how terrible! Yes, Cruz was clearly a crony of the big banks.

This criticism caused the Cruz campaign to study Trump’s own finances a bit. What they’ve discovered is downright shocking:

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz on Sunday said GOP front-runner Donald Trump owes “hundreds of millions or even billions” in unpaid loans. “If you look at his financial disclosure, he owes at least $480 million right now, and it could be billions,” Cruz said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Cruz then lashed out at Trump for criticizing him for taking out a one million dollar loan:

He knows this loan story is complete nonsense. It’s also the height of chutzpah for someone who owes hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars, to attack Heidi and me because we put our life savings into running for Senate.

And that brings me to The Donald’s character. This man is a pathological liar with no moral compass whatsoever. Time and again, he accuses his rivals of doing something he — Trump — himself is guilty of it. See also his accusation that evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats demanded $100,000 to speak at a rally in Iowa, with the facts proving that Trump demanded that incredibly amount and got it.

I’m praying that Iowans will see through Trump and that they’ll caucus for Ted Cruz (or anyone else for that matter, as long as it’s not Trump) tonight. The nation and the rest of the world will be mightily indebted to them if they do.