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Awful Campaigner Hillary Clinton Effectively Tied with 74-Year-Old Socialist Curmudgeon in Iowa

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Politico, the Washington Post and Fox News all report that the results in the Democratic race in Iowa between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is too close to call.

Both Democratic candidates received approximately 50 percent of the vote, with only 0.1% to 0.4% separating them. In most of the data, Sanders is trailing Clinton, but the gap is so small that not one serious pundit is willing to call it for anyone, which — of course — doesn’t prevent the Clinton camp from claiming victory nonetheless.

But there’s nobody who’s running with that.

This is a situation in which a draw is actually a defeat for Clinton. And a big one too. Early last year, Hillary was leading Sanders by 50 percent. She’s lost that lead completely and is trailing Sanders in New Hampshire; chances are that the Vermont senator will pull off a clean win there.

And that brings me to Hillary Clinton as a candidate: she’s so weak that she can’t beat an elderly socialist who can’t speak English, and who looks like he sleeps in his car. That’s how bad she is. Watching her “victory speech,” I was struck by how angry she looked. She was shrill, she was aggressive, and she went on and on about all kinds of perceived injustices in the country even though Democrats have occupied the White House since January 2009. Listening to her, you’d swear that George W. Bush was still in office, not Barack Obama, a guy she professes to love and admire.

Even if Hillary ends up defeating Sanders (which she still very well might), she’ll be in a whole lot of trouble against the eventual Republican nominee.