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Cruz Unfazed by McCain's Birther Attacks: 'Everyone Knows He's Going to Endorse Rubio'

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

On Laura Ingraham’s radio show today, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said he’s not surprised by John McCain’s dishonest birther attacks. For those who missed it, McCain said yesterday that Cruz may not be eligible because he was born in Canada. Of the course the Arizona senator — who himself was born in the Panama Canal Zone — knows full well that Cruz is a natural-born citizen, but that doesn’t matter; he hates Cruz, which is why he does everything in his power to derail the Texan’s presidential campaign. If he has to lie to do so, so be it.

Cruz explained to Ingraham that he saw this attack coming from miles away:

Everyone knows that John McCain is going to endorse Marco Rubio. Their views on foreign policy are almost exactly the same, their views on immigration are the same. And so it’s no surprise that he sees the candidate that he wants to support is not having the traction he would like. And so he is attacking me. And look, that’s politics, I’m not surprised by it.

And so instead of being flummoxed by it, Cruz immediately turned the attack to his advantage by explaining that it proves that he, not Donald Trump, is now the frontrunner:

[W]hat we’re seeing… It’s really striking Laura, what we have seen, three weeks ago just about every Republican candidate in the field was attacking Donald Trump. Today, just about every candidate in the Republican field is attacking me. That kinda suggests that maybe something has changed.

It goes without saying that Cruz is right. His opponents — not only his rivals, but also has-been puppets of the establishment (say hello to McCain) — tried to attack him for his policies, but that didn’t work. Conservative voters know he’s one of them. That’s why they’re now using the birther card; not because they think there’s anything to it, but because they just don’t have anything else to work with, which tells you everything you need to know about the establishment’s morals.

Or lack of them.