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Terror in Europe: Suspicious Bag Found at Copenhagen Airport

UPDATE: The Copenhagen police department says that no bomb was found. The area has been cleared and passengers don’t have to be afraid that they’ll miss their flight.

Although that’s certainly good news, it’s clear that Europe is panicking and on high alert. Every possible suspicious situation is investigated. That’s undoubtedly caused by intelligence reports — cited by several European media — saying that islamic radicals are planning more attacks.


Danish police have raised their country’s threat level after the terror attacks in Paris. Like other European countries, the Danes fear that terrorists may target them for attacks.

Only minutes after word came out that the Danes raised their threat level, Dutch media reported that Copenhagen Airport was partially cleared after a “suspicious bag” was found. Every passenger in Terminal 3 has been asked to leave, and the metro won’t stop at the airport until the bag has been taken care of.

Clearly, Danish authorities fear the bag may contain a bomb.

Passengers who have already checked in are allowed to leave; the planes will not wait for anyone who comes late. A spokesman for the airport says they’re following standard procedures to deal with the threat.

It’s not the first time that other European countries have acted in response to a possible terror threat after the Paris attacks: yesterday, the friendly soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands was canceled after a fake bomb was found.