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DeSantis to the Rescue

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Is it me or does Ron DeSantis make our current resident of the White House look like a small-town mayor by comparison? Governor DeSantis is looking very presidential and addressing the current logistical nightmare languishing off our shores. If you haven’t been paying attention, our secretary of Transportation was out on “paternity leave” while America’s transportation system took a nosedive. DeSantis says he’s going to step in and fix this mess.

“We in Florida have the ability to help alleviate this log jam and ameliorate the problems with the supply chains,” he said. “We’ve long been committed to reliable, modern, and accessible port facilities since I became governor in 2019.”

DeSantis also said that the state of Florida is offering incentives to companies that want to offload in Florida. He listed the open ports and announced that they’ve received over 1,000 containers a week from a European shipping company that has not used Florida ports in many years. Nearly 7,000 containers overall were offloaded over the weekend at various Florida ports, and DeSantis says they can handle much more and accommodate the shipments “without backups.”

DeSantis also announced many new work programs to invest in training additional logistics workers, truck drivers, service technicians and other skilled labor required for making the country’s logistical system work smoothly. “I’m proud of what we’ve been able to do,” said DeSantis. “When you start talking about supply chain and inflation, that’s not something that’s just going to affect a small segment. That hits wide and it hits very hard, and so Florida is here and we have capacity and we also have incentive packages to make it worth your while to bring your business through our ports.”

Scott Adams commented on DeSantis’s knack for making the news in a timely way. “DeSantis surfs the waves of of [sic] current news like I have never seen. Extraordinary persuasion technique. I don’t think I have ever seen this before.” It’s certain we haven’t seen it in the White House lately. Let’s hope DeSantis can make a dent in the logistical hellscape off our coasts before the grocery shelves are completely empty.