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Former Rep Katie Hill Savaged by Former Staff Tweeting From Her House Account: She's 'Not a Hero'

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The woman who brought the word “throuple” into the general vernacular, Katie Hill (D-Calif.), is having some trouble today. After her spectacularly gross fall from Congress—because she couldn’t keep her hands off staffers or her naked body off-camera (is that a Nazi tattoo?)—Hill went on to write a book (of course she did) called She Will Rise. Then came the announcement that it would be made into a television adaptation starring Elisabeth Moss, where they will certainly try to turn the sex-crazed predator who took advantage of staffers into a hero.

With the announcement came a tweetstorm from Hill’s former congressional Twitter account by someone claiming to be a former staffer. I have transcribed it in case it is taken down.

Katie’s former staff here. Disappointed in so many folks – including Elizabeth Moss, @Blumhouse, & @MichaelSeitzman – regarding today’s announcement. This is an incredibly sensitive situation. We appreciate the instinct to defend our former boss, an LGBTQ+ woman who faced abuse from her husband. What happened to Katie Hill shouldn’t happen to anyone. But, this moment requires more nuance, as Katie Hill’s story – our story – is also one of workplace abuse and harassment. Katie Hill can be both a victim and perpetrator. And, staff can experience severe consequences for speaking out against their powerful boss.

No one should have to put themselves in harm’s way for the public to understand a simple truth: Katie Hill is not a hero for women. We deserve heroes who embody our values even in the most difficult moments.

Perhaps the most shocking allegation in the tweetstorm is the one that says Hill was never investigated for her sexual misconduct. It was reported that she was under investigation, but the staffer appears to be refuting the official narrative.

Katie Hill was never investigated by the House Ethics Committee, nor has she been held accountable by anyone other than herself. We encourage everyone to reflect deeply before taking her word at face value.

Katie took advantage of her subordinates. She caused immense harm to the people who worked for her, many of whom were young women just beginning their careers in politics.

Workplace abuse and harassment can take many different forms, but one thing is certain: it is never okay, even if your boss is a woman and/or a survivor.

Believe us when we say: it’s not only about who starts it, it’s also about who ends it. And, while Katie is certainly the survivor of abuse, we are not confident that she sufficiently acted to end her own patterns of inappropriate and abusive behavior.

Enough is enough. In order to advance the #MeToo movement, we must be willing to acknowledge the problematic behaviors among those in our own communities. Only then will we see true progress. #TimesUp #MeToo


The allegations were first reported by RedState back in October of 2019.

Also of concern in the alleged throuple relationship is the age differential between Hill, Heslep, and the staffer. The staffer was 22 and a new college graduate when the relationship started; Hill and Heslep were in their 30s.

In addition to the legal and ethical issues raised by allegations of a congresswoman having not one, but two extramarital affairs with people on her staff, concurrently, there are issues of national security. Hill serves on two influential committees in that regard: Oversight and Reform and Armed Service. She has access to extremely sensitive national security information. If people who don’t have our nation’s best interests at heart had access to the photographs, text messages, and other information provided to RedState, Rep. Hill would be an easy blackmail target.

Hill is not addressing the allegations of her abusive behavior but is instead complaining about being hacked.


If Hill were a man and had sexually groomed two much younger staffers he would be out of a career and possibly in jail right now. No one would be making a movie out of it and casting him as the hero. The MeToo movement is a joke that has only ever gone after men, ruined careers, some with only hearsay of women. But when a woman is the accused, the movement ignores it while she gets a book deal and a television series with a sexy starlet to play the “hero.” The perfect example is Amber Heard, who was caught on tape abusing Johnny Depp after she had accused him under MeToo’s umbrella. Nothing has happened to her. I’m actually surprised she hasn’t had a feature film about her “struggle” yet. Give us a break. MeToo is dead. 

The mantra of “Believe Women” is a fantasy of feminist delusion and you can read all about that in my book Believe Evidence, which shows in great detail how often women are liars and perpetrators of crimes against men.

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