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Cory Booker Uses the Word 'Sh**holes' to Describe Migrant Countries and No One Cares

Cory Booker Uses the Word 'Sh**holes' to Describe Migrant Countries and No One Cares
Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., participates in the second of two Democratic presidential primary debates hosted by CNN Wednesday, July 31, 2019, in the Fox Theatre in Detroit. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

I thought I hallucinated during the interminably long and boring Democrat debate part deux last night and heard Cory Booker proclaim that some home countries of migrants coming to America are “sh**holes.” But it turns out he really said that. When chastising Joe Biden for suggesting we should encourage immigration when those people have something to offer us, Booker said, “That’s playing into what Republicans want — to pit some immigrants against other immigrants. Some are from sh**hole countries and some are from working countries.”

Booker’s camp is claiming he was quoting the president, and maybe so, but it sure seems like he’s accepting the premise that some countries are less than ideal.

And why, if that statement is so offensive, would he continue to repeat it? Maybe he was dunking on the president, but it sounded like he was stating it as fact. If he was joking he needs a better joke writer.

We here at PJM obviously don’t deny the glaringly obvious facts about sh**thole countries, but the entire Democrat machine ramped up fake outrage when the president said it about other countries and about American sh**tholes like Baltimore. They even held hearings on the matter! I expected to wake up this morning to an all-out assault on Booker for using such inflammatory and “racist” language but instead was greeted only by the sound of crickets.

Absolutely no one is talking about it.

Listen to this self-righteous windbag “seething with anger” and almost in tears, screaming at a woman, because the president said the exact same thing he said last night.

Why do we let these people get away with this? Republicans have a big problem if they don’t make serious hay out of this. This is why we lose. Republicans can say nothing, Democrats can say anything. Until this changes, expect to continue the descent into clown town. If there’s one upside to the lack of outrage over the words “sh**hole countries” it may be that Trump has literally persuaded everyone that some countries really are sh**holes. But it would be nice if they apologize for the fake outrage and nonsense they pulled over this last year.

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