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Budweiser Is Virtue Signaling for Pride Month... or Is It Trolling?

Budweiser Is Virtue Signaling for Pride Month... or Is It Trolling?
(Image via Twitter screenshot)

It’s Pride Month and you know what that means! Endless rainbow virtue signaling from every store and product that is entirely obsessed with capturing the approval and kudos from the Gaystappo pride-pushers. Woe to any company that doesn’t take part in such celebrations of sexual behavior — the Lavender Mafia will ensure their downfall and subsequent banning from airports nationwide. And so, predictably, most companies saturate their advertisements with rainbow flags that double as a white flag of surrender to the cultural demands of the vocal minority. From face cream to beer, one can’t avoid it. Cue Budweiser with the weirdest virtue signal yet… or is it trolling? Things are so ridiculous lately, who can tell?

These are new conglomerations of colors. What do they mean? You’re about to find out in dizzying detail sure to stupefy the gayest among us.

Wait, what? I’ve read that three times and I’m still no closer to comprehension.

Asexuals? This is a sexual attraction now? People who feel no sexual attraction are sexually identified? What is this madness? Did Budweiser just make this up? Did Bill Nye consult on this?

The Twitter reactions are fun.

Quite so. June cannot be over fast enough.