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MAGA Hat Madness, #FakeNews, and the Mob

What a day! Anyone with a Twitter account is watching an absolute train wreck. It all started when someone posted a video with no sound that appeared to look like kids in MAGA hats staring down an elderly Native American man with a drum. It’s very important to understand that the first video that was posted has no sound. It allowed the left to insert their own fantasy soundtrack and say that the boys were chanting “BUILD THE WALL” and other jeers directed at Native Americans. Like everything the left claims, it was all a big lie.

When I first saw it, I had the same reaction they were looking for. It looked bad. I thought they were being jerks to an old man. Boy, was I wrong. This small clip did not show any truth at all. I should have known there was clownery afoot when NBC reported the following idiocy: “In social media videos of the incident Phillips can be seen singing as a male taunts him smilingly and gets close to his face.”

Taunts him smilingly? Can one taunt a person just by smiling at him? And is “smilingly” an adverb? Who edits this rag? I think if a person has the self-control to be calmly smiling during a tense encounter he should be praised for it. By any definition of the word taunt, smiling should not be one of the descriptors.

If you haven’t followed the story, there’s a good recap here at The Daily Caller, but nothing about what the major media said about this story is accurate.

True to the nature of The Mob, Kathy Griffin stayed up all night trying to dox these fourteen- and fifteen-year-olds, calling for their names to be posted online so trolls could harass them in real life, including targeting their parents’ employers.

The doxing led to fear of being killed.

CNN and others did not circulate the video of the racist Native Americans telling the kids that they don’t belong here and they should go “back to Europe.” Instead, we were told that the boy standing, smiling, and saying nothing was the “racist.”

Of course, the bigoted Southern Poverty Law Center had to weigh in:

The fake news stories led to major issues for the students at home. Their own diocese condemned them and is considering expulsion (which would be highly ironic considering the reluctance of the Catholic bishops to expel child molesters from the priesthood because…”mercy”). The school apologized immediately for the “bad behavior” of the students. Agitator priest James Martin, a well-known far-left heretic, condemned the boys and then half-heartedly retracted it in a painfully long Twitter thread. Consider that this man condemned Catholic children who had just been to a right-to-life march when he won’t condemn sodomy.

My favorite parts of Martin’s half-retraction are the responses to this tweet. LOL

National Review chimed in with their favorite pastime of kicking Trump supporters by declaring that the kids were spitting on Christ’s cross. They pulled that down shortly after they got relentlessly mocked for falling for fake news.

Gateway Pundit interviewed the kids involved who told a much different story than what we were sold by the hacks at CNN. It turns out the students were at their own march, the March for Life. Since CNN doesn’t cover the tens of thousands of people who march for life, they just decided the students must have been there for the unknown and poorly attended Indigenous People’s March because that makes sense. Sure.

“We went to the Lincoln Memorial because that is where our bus was going,” the student explained. “We were standing there when a group of four African-American protesters started calling us ‘crackers’ and ‘school shooters.’”

“So, we started doing school cheers, because our school is very big on school spirit. We have a lot of chants and cheers that we do, so we started doing them. Eventually, while we were doing that, the Native American man approached us and was banging his drum. He walked directly into the crowd and approached the one student that is all over the place right now. The boy just stood there. When I first saw it happening I was really confused. I didn’t know what was happening. I just saw this man approach a fellow student and start banging a drum in his face.”

One of the mothers of the kids hit the nail on the head:

“I personally think they were targeted because they had the MAGA hats on,” Mrs. Smith said. “I think it’s a shame that people are saying that we shouldn’t have let them wear them. It’s a shame that you can’t support your president in Washington, DC… To get blamed for this because they were wearing a hat instead of blaming the aggressors — it’s blaming the victims.”

They absolutely were targeted because of the MAGA hats. Just to let you know, this is the tactic of the left. They will go after anyone in a MAGA hat.

At first, they tried intimidation and violence by attacking anyone in a hat or by stealing the hats. Now, they are bearing false witness against anyone in a hat. Will it work? Better be prepared if you leave the house in a MAGA hat — you could be targeted by lunatics for malicious purposes and the media will run cover for them to make you look as bad as possible. If you’re lucky, the king of fabricated news, Dan Rather, will disavow you.

And when their narrative is blown to bits like this one was, they will just move on to the next target and pretend they didn’t do anything wrong. They will not care about the lives lying in tatters around them. They do not care about the kid who won’t get into college because of what they falsely but breathlessly claimed he was thinking one day. They truly are the “drive-by media” as Rush Limbaugh has called them for twenty years.

The left in America is determined that anyone who supports this president is going to be maligned, defamed, and possibly harmed. They have successfully made wearing a MAGA hat a dangerous activity. We get kicked out of restaurants, accosted in public, attacked, assaulted, and lied about and the only thing they have left is murdering us. It’s only a matter of time until the social lynching becomes physical lynching.

There is a meme circulating on r/The_Donald that is particularly poignant. The new segregation is upon us.

We are going backward, people, not forward. Anyone involved in this attack on school children should be ashamed of themselves. Shame on CNN and all the news media that jumped to conclusions and did not get the truth. Shame on the diocese of Covington and the Covington school for caving to the mob. Shame on Nate Phillips, the Native American man who went on CNN and lied about what happened. And shame on the others other who were with him, screaming racial insults at those kids. Shame on the adults who stood idly by listening to the radical “Black Hebrew Israelites” scream racist epithets and gay slurs at children. And shame on every adult on Twitter with a large following who tried to have these kids harmed. Twitter has become a plague on humanity and the day is soon approaching when we should all walk away in protest of the brutality of the mob. Maybe that day was today.

There are a few positive outcomes from this story. The Covington congressional representative, Thomas Massie, tweeted his support for the kids.

And the Covington kids are rumored to have legal representation. I hope they get millions in damages from this epic scam. Here is the latest statement from one of the Covington kids targeted by this moronic witch hunt.

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