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Fed-Up Gamers Report Intrusive Sex Workers to the IRS for Tax Evasion

Just when you thought it would be impossible to top the return of 4chan’s “He Will Not Divide Us” live-action game of capture the flag with Shia LaBeouf, they’ve found a new hobby: Reporting tax fraud by THOTs to the IRS.

A Reddit user shared an example text message from one of these women trying to trap a man into sending her money:

For the newspeak uninitiated, THOT is an acronym for “That Ho Over There,” usually used to refer to loose women. The Urban Dictionary has a more detailed definition. 

(Noun) An individual with a number of concurrent sex partners that is well above the established cultural norm. These individuals have coitus for the purpose of sexual pleasure, approval, or to fullfill an emotional void. These individuals may or may not have sexually transmitted infections however this term is still applies to whores with safe sex practices. These acts are not for the exchange for illicit narcotics or monetary/ economic gain as observed in prostitutes, crackheads, junkies, or gold diggers. (It is important to note that ones sexual indiscretions must be well known within the community in order for ones “thot” status to be identifiable).

It seems that THOTs on Snapchat and other platforms are using PayPal to charge men to see “premium snaps,” which are nudes or pornography. It’s also possible that these ladies of social media are not reporting their earnings to the IRS. In an effort that can only be described as hilarious, the anons at 4chan have launched a full-scale war on THOTs across all platforms. Women who fish for lonely and susceptible beta boys are the bane of many gamers, whose platforms are being taken over by the sex trollers. These women solicit in male-dominated platforms and many of the men who use the platforms are sick of it.

This video by Sargon of Akkad does a good job explaining #ThotAudit.

Not only will those who report tax evaders get street cred, but they can be paid a portion of the collected taxes by the IRS too!

In a third, surprising twist, the #ThotAudit also serves the purpose of spreading the truth that taxation is theft. Predictably, the SJW left is against reporting illegally withheld taxes because contrary to their mantra that everyone should “pay their fair share,” they really only mean rich people. Certainly not them or their friends.

Perhaps the biggest chuckle of the theatrics was this tweet showing sex workers trying to explain how taxes work to their fellow “cam girls.”

I can confirm, as an independent contractor, there is no way you don’t have to report earnings until you hit $20,000 a year. The threshold is much lower than that. While you may not owe any taxes depending on the earned amount, you absolutely must report it. Perhaps these girls should spend less time scamming lonely men and more time learning about finances.

As a mother of daughters, this campaign strikes me as morally good. If this can dissuade young girls from using their genitals to make money off men who are betraying their wives, I’m all for it. Girls also need to learn that they are worth more than their boobs and using them to make money is a last resort born out of desperation, not a life goal, but if they do use their bodies to make a living, they must also pay taxes on that income. Most of the girls on these channels just seem like they don’t want to work for a living when they can roll around on a Twister board and collect cash at home instead.

screenshot from TwitchTV

Many of the gamers involved in the IRS reporting are tired of girls like the one above taking over what used to be gaming platforms and turning them into porn platforms. There seems to be a lot of anger building over it. Gamer David Wu is leading the charge. Could this be #Gamergate2.0?

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