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60 of Kavanaugh's Classmates Send Letter to Senate about 'Nonsense' Gang Rape Allegation

A letter was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee today, signed by sixty of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s classmates, declaring that Julie Swetnick’s allegations — that Kavanaugh was present at parties where gang rapes occurred — are “nonsense.” The letter, which you can read in full below, states:

We are men and women who know Brett Kavanaugh well in high school. We have seen reports today that Julie Swetnick, who says she graduated from Gaithersburg high school, submitted a declaration to the committee alleging that Brett participated in horrific conduct during high school, including targeting girls for gang rape. Nonsense. We never witnessed any behavior that even approaches what is described in this allegation. It is reprehensible.

In the extensive amount we collectively spent with Brett, we do no recall having ever met someone name Julie Swetnick. Nor did we ever observe Brett engaging in conduct resembling that described in Miss Swetnick’s declaration.

Brett Kavanaugh is a good man. He has always treated women with respect and decency. He is a man of honor, integrity, and compassion. These shameful attacks must end. This process is a disgrace and is harming good people.

Swetnick’s allegations are bizarre, including claims that she was a witness to multiple gang rapes and yet she never reported them and she continued to go to the parties where the rapes were supposedly happening until she was allegedly raped herself. To witness multiple gang rapes and not report them to authorities is an outrageous offense against civility. (More likely it’s all a nasty lie to destroy a good man’s career for monetary gain or fame.)

Michael Savage spoke to a former girlfriend of Kavanaugh’s who is also denying ever hearing of this woman.

PJM’s Matt Margolis spoke to a woman who attended parties with students from Kavanaugh’s high school. She disputed the gang rape allegations.

Anyone who knew this woman in the 1980s should probably come forward now to help straighten out this mess.