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Oregon Congressional Candidate Viciously Attacks First Lady Melania Trump

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump takes a seat during a visit to The Royal Hospital Chelsea in central London Friday, July 13, 2018. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno, Pool)

U.S. House candidate Mark Roberts, who is running as an “independent conservative” in Oregon, tweeted out that First Lady Melania Trump is an hourly whore.

“Did you know the First Lady works by the hour? ,” tweeted Roberts, who’s running in the 2nd Congressional District in Oregon.

This can’t be real. Even hardcore Never Trumpers aren’t this bad. So what’s this guy’s story? Conservative? Highly unlikely.

This theory about a Democrat plant is far easier to believe. According to his website, Roberts is pro-LGBTQWTF agenda, pro-abortion, and anti-fossil fuels. That doesn’t seem too conservative to me. Also, when asked who he would like to take a selfie with, Andy Cohen and Barack Obama topped his list. Do you know any conservatives who would give similar answers? He’s also a Sacha Baron Cohen fan so…

Amusingly, Roberts doles out advice about how to behave on social media, offering up himself as an expert. “It is not ok to resort to cat calls and potty mouths to somehow think you are going to make the Congressmen become more aligned to your concerns and causes,” he writes. “Bad language and lack of respect are not appealing. If you really want to be creative and get your point across then you should consult with a professional… someone clever like me.”

Calling the sitting first lady a “hoebag” is less clever and respectful than it is career suicide. Roberts didn’t realize his mistake though, and doubled down multiple times, even inviting Mrs. Trump to sue him. I hope she does.

Roberts’ website is full of weirdness. From his FAQ section:

What would you do on your first day as an elected Congressman?
I’d use my new super powers to schedule an appointment at the Center for Military History in DC to view the captured offensive Nazi art, not to worry I’m Jewish, meant for Hitler’s Linz Fuhrermuseum.

Independent voters are typically disenchanted Republicans & Democrats what is your personal view on abortion?
My personal view is we need to start cutting down some trees and getting back to the practice of forestry, putting people back to work in the forest in high dollar jobs instead of watching them go up in flames every year.

What forestry has to do with abortion is beyond my ability to dream up.

Is it me or does this guy appear to be a parody of what Democrats think conservatives are? His main purpose seems to be to make conservatives look like sexist a-holes. He doesn’t have nice things to say about his fellow “conservatives” either. Which leaves the question, what voting base is he going for?

It seems to me that the people who continually lower the discourse in America are the same people who complain that Trump is vulgar. Here’s a tip: If you say you hate vulgarity, then don’t use it. Otherwise, the message tends to get muddled inside a mess of hypocritical nonsense. However, the Twittertainment value is worth the price of admission with this one. Tune in for a very public and unhinged meltdown. I have a feeling he’s not done.

PJM reached out to Roberts for comment but received no response.