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Keith Olbermann May Be in the Late Stages of Furious Rabies Based on Twitter Meltdown

Keith Olbermann’s friends and family may want to check on him after a particularly troubling Twitter meltdown. The corybantic ravings and fanatical delusions displayed in his tweets are cause for alarm. His particular frantic symptoms are familiar to anyone who has read Old Yeller. Agitation, salivation, foaming at the mouth, confusion, hallucination, and extreme anxiety are sure signs of a rabies infection — and Olbermann appears to be in the late stages.

The confusion stage of the disease started with this tweet about Trump not declaring the flooding in Texas a national disaster fast enough, even though a president must wait for the governor of a state to ask for the relief.

President Trump declared it a disaster and sent troops later that evening at the request of the Texas governor…which is how these things work every time. But then things got really weird and the foaming at the mouth and uncontrollable swearing began.

Wow. That’s… Let’s forget for a moment that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a long and decorated history in the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and is a U.S. Army veteran. As sheriff of Maricopa County, he obeyed the law and deported illegals crossing the border. He was charged with racially profiling Mexicans from Mexico and accused of doing what federal law required him to do. Having a president who won’t enforce the law is not an excuse for law enforcement to stop doing its job. But according to the addled brain of Keith Olbermann (who should be the recipient of anti-psychotic drugs), Arpaio is a “Nazi.” And the media wonders why normies don’t believe there are “Nazis”? Maybe they should stop calling law-abiding, uniform-wearing veterans “Nazis,” and admit that they are just Americans they don’t agree with politically.

Oh, but wait. It gets worse.

This poor guy has been politically lynched by the likes of Olbermann and the moronic senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin (who is famous for calling our soldiers Nazis, Soviets, and followers of Pol Pot).

Funny how they never expand on what the ties actually are. When studied, no one was able to come up with a single believable or confirmable Gorka tie to anything remotely close to Nazi or anti-semitic groups. From the Washington Examiner,

While many progressives and opponents of the regime accept with certainty that Gorka is a Nazi, a white nationalist, or an extremist, they have not been able to find a single statement or essay by Gorka or account of his speeches or comments supporting such positions. Given the volume of his previous writing, that should have been a red flag. The Nazi accusation is about as logical as concluding that a picture of Gorka absent his glasses represents a secret endorsement of the Khmer Rouge.

But let’s call him a Nazi anyway. This is the hallucination stage.

And then there was this well-meaning tweet from Betsy DeVos wishing the survivors of the hurricane well and praying for their safety. Olbermann’s response was the reaction of a man mad with fever, or possibly bath salts, trying to eat her face off.

For the love of all that is holy, someone get this man some meds.

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