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Woke FX/Hulu Series ‘Y: The Last Man’ Abruptly Canceled Before End of First Season

Woke FX/Hulu Series ‘Y: The Last Man’ Abruptly Canceled Before End of First Season
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The woke TV adaptation of the post-apocalyptic science fiction comic book series Y: The Last Man has been canceled.

FX/Hulu abruptly canceled the series seven episodes into its ten-episode first season.

“We have learned that we will not be moving forward with FX on Hulu Season 2 of Y: THE LAST MAN. I have never in my life been more committed to a story, and there is so much more left to tell,” series showrunner Eliza Clark said in a statement on Twitter. “Y: THE LAST MAN is about gender, about how oppressive systems inform identity. We had a gender diverse team of brilliant artists, led by women at almost every corner of our production. Producers, writers, directors, cinematographers, production design, costume design, stunt coordination, and more. It is the most collaborative, creatively fulfilling, and beautiful thing I have ever been a part of. We don’t want it to end.”

Gee, can you see why it was canceled? Hollywood Reporter says that “execs at FX had to make a decision on the future of the series by Oct. 15, which was the date that options on the cast of Y:TLM expired” after having originally been picked up back in 2015. The series was stuck in development and faced various delays until production finally began in October 2020. “Because of the delays amid the showrunner and cast changes, FX had to extend options on original stars, including [Diane] Lane. And, because of the pandemic-related production shutdown, also pay to extend the options of [Ben] Schnetzer and other new castmembers. Those cast extensions added up despite the fact that production came in under its $8.5 million-per-episode budget.” Nevertheless, FX passed.

Of course, there’s obviously another reason. The show, which is based on the comic of the same name, is about a worldwide plague that kills all mammals with a Y sex chromosome, save for one human male and his Capuchin monkey. The biological basis for the show’s premise, however, triggered the radical left. How could a show that kills off all the men in the world work when the left insists that “transgender men are men”?

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Well, for starters, Gizmodo reported in August that the show would “explore how sex doesn’t define gender.” I lost interest in the show immediately after reading that.

“One of the things the show will make clear is that there are women with two X chromosomes and men with an X and Y chromosome — but there are also women with two Y chromosomes and men with two X chromosomes,” explained FX CEO John Landgraf. “So what happened was all the mammals with a Y chromosome — with the exception of this one man and this one monkey — died in one event. But there are numerous men in the show that had two X chromosomes, and they’re important characters. It’s also made clear that a number of women died that day who had a Y chromosome and probably didn’t even know it.”

Naturally, transgender activists and LGBT groups were brought in during the development stage to make the show work for the woke audiences of today. And, based on reviews at Rotten Tomatoes, fans of the original comic didn’t take well to the woke update.

It’s clear that the showrunner saw the concept as an opportunity to lecture audiences with transgender propaganda rather than to tell a compelling story about what would happen if one of the (only) two genders were wiped out. Y: The Last Man had the potential to be a compelling new post-apocalyptic series that didn’t rely on zombies for villains. Instead, it proved that the real villain of entertainment is wokeness.