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A Dog Whistle? Biden Calls Disgusting Harassment of Sinema and Manchin ‘Part of the Process'

A Dog Whistle? Biden Calls Disgusting Harassment of Sinema and Manchin ‘Part of the Process'
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Remember when Joe Biden called for calm and civility in politics when he  was running for president? Well, I guess that’s out the window now.

In recent days, Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) have been targets of a harassment campaign. Unhinged leftists have followed Sinema to her house and even into a public restroom.

“Yesterday, several individuals disrupted my class at Arizona State University. After deceptively entering a locked, secure building, these individuals filmed and publicly posted videos of my students without their permission — including footage taken of both my students and I using a restroom,” Sinema said in a statement released Monday. “It is the duty of elected leaders to avoid fostering an environment in which honestly-held policy disagreements serve as the basis for vitriol — raising the temperature in political rhetoric and creating a permission structure for unacceptable behavior.”

Joe Manchin was harassed by kayakers while he was on his boat over the weekend.
But these incidents, according to Joe Biden, are “part of the process.”

The moderate Democrats have refused to support the $3.5 trillion spending plan that Biden supports because of the high cost, effectively thwarting its passage

When asked to respond to the incidents, Biden claimed he didn’t think the tactics being used were appropriate, “but it happens to everybody.”

“The only people it doesn’t happen to are the people who have Secret Service standing around them,” Biden added. “So, it’s part of the process.”

Part of the process? Whatever happened to the “return to civility”?  Joe Biden should have condemned the behavior of activists who are targeting Manchin and Sinema because they thwarted his agenda. Does Joe Biden really believe such harassment is “part of the process,” or were his remarks just a dog whistle for activists to tell them to keep it up?

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My money is on the former. Democrat strategist Douglas Schoen argued last month that the fates of Joe Biden’s presidency and  the Democrats’ majority in Congress “hang in the balance” over the $3.5-trillion spending bill. It was undeniably important to his presidency that it pass, and he couldn’t seal the deal. Why not? Because he made no sincere effort to compromise. He couldn’t appease the moderate Senate Democrats without offending the radical left-wing of the party. In the end, Joe Biden would rather appease the likes of AOC than dare compromise with anything less than what she wants just to get a couple of votes.

Joe Biden had a duty to condemn the vitriolic behavior of activists acting on his behalf. He chose not to.