Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Can't Even Use a Public Restroom in Peace Without Unhinged Leftists Harassing Her

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

One of two Democrat holdouts to Presidentish Joe Biden’s Build Back Boondoggle plan, Senator Kyrsten Sinema on Sunday was hounded by protestors in a public bathroom stall, and later that night at a private event.


Is nothing sacred?

Sorry for making you watch the clip, which might have caused almost as much discomfort as the Prog Harassment Squad caused Sen. Sinema. That said, maybe the most annoying thing wasn’t the invasion of privacy, but the constant up-talking in each of their lines.

“We need solutions in the Build Back Better plan, need to pass the solutions that we need.”

“We knocked on doors for you to get you elected. And just how we got you elected, we can get you out of office if you don’t support what you promised us.”

“We need the Build Back Better plan right now.”

Give the youngsters some credit. It’s obvious that they’d practiced their lines and even what order they’d deliver them.

The bathroom incident followed some slightly less invasive harassment.


Still, did they honestly think that this was a good way to get Sinema to change her mind?

If not, maybe they thought interrupting her fundraiser would do the trick.

Sinema was forced to sneak out by a back exit.

The protests, if that’s what we are calling them, were organized by a far-left group called LUCHA. LUCHA ostensibly stands for “Living United for Change in Arizona,” but I couldn’t help but notice that “lucha” is Spanish for “struggle.”

The group agitates for “social, racial & economic transformation.” They also claimed to be “committed to human dignity,” which seems a bit odd for a group that shouts at people in the ladies’ room.


Sen. Sinema released a statement midday Monday, saying that “Yesterday’s behavior was not legitimate protest.”

She continues:


It is unacceptable for activist organizations to instruct their members to jeopardize themselves by engaging in unlawful activities such as gaining entry to closed university buildings, disrupting learning environments, and filming students in a restroom.

Also calling the harassment “wholly inappropriate,” Sinema called out the LUCHA goons for “unfairly and unlawfully” victimizing her students.

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