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Trump Still Rising

Trump Still Rising
AP Photo/Tony Dejak

The next presidential election may be a few years away, but if voters have anything to say about it now, it doesn’t look good for the Democrats.

The latest Rasmussen poll shows that in a hypothetical matchup between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in 2024, Trump would win 51 percent to 41 percent. Independent voters give their support to Trump by a whopping 20 points over Biden.

Of course, many don’t expect Biden to serve out his full term, let alone run again in 2024, making Kamala Harris the presumptive Democratic nominee. As bad as Joe Biden performs against Trump right now, Kamala Harris performs worse, as Trump would win against her 52 percent to 39 percent. According to Rasmussen, “An overwhelming 74% of Republican voters think it’s a good idea for Trump to consider a 2024 presidential campaign. Twenty-six percent [26%] of Democrats and 44% of voters not affiliated with either major party agree.”

Even Democrats are having a hard time looking past Biden’s incompetence. “About one-in-five Democrats say they would vote for Trump over either Biden or Harris, if the next presidential election were held now,” according to the survey.

“While Trump would get 84% support from Republican voters in a hypothetical rematch with Biden, only 75% of Democratic voters say they’d vote to elect Biden again,” Rasmussen’s survey found. “This problem would be even worse for Democrats in a Trump-Harris 2024 matchup, with just 71% of Democratic voters saying they’d pick Harris over Trump.”

There’s still plenty of time between now and 2024, but in the month since his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, things haven’t gotten any better for Biden–and that should be concerning to Democrats.

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