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FLASHBACK: Chuck Schumer Praised Joe Biden’s ‘Careful and Thought-Out Plan’ for Afghanistan Withdrawal

FLASHBACK: Chuck Schumer Praised Joe Biden’s ‘Careful and Thought-Out Plan’ for Afghanistan Withdrawal
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Last November, Chuck Schumer blasted Trump’s plans to reduce troops in Afghanistan, but back in April, he felt so confident that Joe Biden had set a good plan in motion for withdrawal that he praised it as “careful and thought-out,” compared to Trump’s plan.

“You were critical last year of President Trump’s decision to reduce the troop levels in Afghanistan because you said it was an incoherent policy,” CNN’s John Berman pointed out to the Senate majority leader. “How do you feel now about President Biden’s decision?”

“I think President Biden has come up with a careful and thought-out plan,” Schumer replied. “Look, John, the president doesn’t want endless wars. I don’t want endless wars. And neither do the American people. And it’s refreshing to have a thought-out plan with a set timetable instead of the president waking up one morning, getting out of bed and saying what just pops into his head and then the generals having walked it back. So I think this is a careful, thought-out plan.”

Intelligence officials repeatedly warned Joe Biden that the Afghan government would collapse if he pulled out. Biden ignored those warnings.

“Now, there are questions that remain,” Schumer continued. “I am happy to let you know that the administration has agreed to a classified briefing for all senators, which we’ll have shortly so questions can be answered. But I think the president’s plan is a very good one. You want to make sure the September 11th date is stuck, is a date that sticks. That it’s not kicking the can down the road. I’ve spoken to administration people and they believe just that as well.”

Well, isn’t that interesting? A couple of days ago, Joe Biden tried to blame the situation in Afghanistan on President Trump, suggesting that his hands were tied because of the deal he “inherited” from him.

So, will Chuck Schumer blame Trump for the “careful and thought-out” plan Biden made and carried out? Will anyone ask Senator Schumer if he still believes Biden’s plan was “careful and thought-out”?