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Trump Says He's 'Turned Down Two Book Deals,' Teases Book He's 'Writing Like Crazy'

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

It’s expected now that once a president leaves office, a presidential memoir will soon follow. In November, the New York Times mused, “A Trump Memoir Would Sell. Will Publishers Buy It?”

Well, Trump himself has seemingly answered that question, releasing a statement on the very subject.

“I turned down two book deals,” he said, “from the most unlikely of publishers.”

Which publishers? Trump didn’t say. Why did Trump turn them down?

“I do not want to do such a deal right now,” Trump explained. “I’m writing like crazy anyway.”

For those anxiously awaiting a presidential memoir—or whatever kind of book Trump has in mind, don’t fret, for Trump has promised that “when the time comes, you’ll see the book of all books.”

For now, Trump says he’s “been working on a much more important project right now!”

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That project may be the social networking platforming we’ve been promised since earlier this year. Trump’s 2020 campaign spokesman Jason Miller revealed on Fox News back in March that Trump will be returning to social media with a new platform and that it will “completely redefine the game.” It is expected to attract “tens of millions” of new users.

Trump later launched a blog, “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” which failed to catch on, as it offered no opportunity for engagement.

Miller suggested a timeline of two to three months, which means that the promised platform should be expected to launch before the end of this month—although it seems unlikely that it will happen by then.