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CREEPY: Andrew Cuomo Has a 'Preoccupation With His Hand Size,' Says One Accuser

CREEPY: Andrew Cuomo Has a 'Preoccupation With His Hand Size,' Says One Accuser
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Charlotte Bennett, a former aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo who has accused the governor of sexual harassment, told independent investigators that Cuomo has a “preoccupation with his hand size” — and what that supposedly meant, her lawyer said Monday.


Bennett, 25, a former executive assistant and health policy adviser in the Cuomo administration, and a survivor of sexual assault, has accused the governor of propositioning her for sex. “I understood that the governor wanted to sleep with me, and felt horribly uncomfortable and scared,” she told the New York Times last month. She has submitted over 120 pages of “contemporaneous records, as well as other examples of documentary evidence” against Cuomo and his staff, lawyer Debra Katz said.

Cuomo’s “preoccupation with his hand size and what the large size of his hands indicated to Charlotte and other members of his staff,” was one of the new pieces of information that have come to light.

“The investigators have been moving quickly, and with sensitivity, to get to the heart of these allegations,” she said. “We remain confident that their investigation will substantiate Charlotte’s claims of sexual harassment against Gov. Cuomo, as well as the failure of his senior staff to meet their mandatory reporting requirements under the very laws he signed.”

Cuomo has refused to resign on multiple occasions, scoffing at calls from within his own party to step down, and even said he’d have to be impeached in order to leave office. Last week, New York Republicans filed an impeachment resolution against Cuomo. On Friday, Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand both called on him to resign. A majority of U.S. House Democrats from New York have also called on him to resign. Right now, his only friend seems to be Joe Biden, who has also been accused of inappropriate touching and sexual assault.



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